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Redefining Observability - A simple 3-step approach to improve observability

20 min watch

Improve traditional observability with a simple 3 step approach to prevent outages and crush your MTTR.


3x Faster RCA with StackState as turbo on top of Splunk

25 min watch

Relating IT to Business performance explained in a client case study. Crush your Mean Time to Repair with StackState as turbo on top of Splunk.


AIOps: 3 Real-world use cases from 3 global brands

16 min watch

The application of AIOps in 3 different industries. Relating IT Incidents to Business Performance is key in driving digital transformation.


Full-stack streaming observability with StackState and Humio

 · Olaf Schouws3 min read

StackState's recent integration with Humio enables you to find the root cause quicker. Learn all about the collaboration in this blog post.


Observability Redefined: 3 steps to improve your IT infrastructure

 · Olaf Schouws3 min read

Having the time & skill to keep up with the stream of data is getting harder. Read this blog to learn how IT observability can help.


StackState 4.0

 · Mark Bakker3 min read

The new version of StackState we released is such a big leap we've chosen to call it StackState 4.0 instead of version 1.16. Read all about it here!


StackState ❤️ Open-source

 · Martin van Vliet3 min read

We at StackState are big believers in open-source software. It allows us to build on top of well-tested code in use by millions of people worldwide.


Introducing: Observability for Cloud & Containers

 · Olaf Schouws10 min read

StackState, the world's leading monitoring and AIOps platform, is proud to present its new product: 'Observability for Cloud & Containers.'


Announcing StackState Version 1.15.0

 · Olaf Schouws3 min read

StackState Version 1.15.0 has like dynamic actions, relation-based grouping, activity perspective, view summary pane, Kubernetes and OpenShift.


StackState's Health Forecasting

 · Artem Grotov3 min read

Forecasting the health of IT infrastructures is equally essential. That is why StackState introduces Health Forecast StackPack.


IDC Research: StackState Applies AI across four dimensions to drive service delivery outcomes

 · Bas Willems4 min read

IDC Research concludes that StackState improves service delivery outcomes by the use of advanced predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.


The Ultimate Stay-at-Home AIOps Resource Kit

 · Olaf Schouws5 min read

StackState's Ultimate Stay-at-Home AIOps Resource Kit. A collection of the best resources for you to feed your interest in AIOps!