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EP #5: Implementing SRE at the largest online retailer of the Netherlands and Belgium with Bart Enkelaar (

 · Annerieke Kortier36 min listen

Bart is a lead SRE at the largest online retailing platform in the Netherlands and Belgium: He's been a backend engineer for 13 years and is now responsible for setting up SRE across more than a hundred DevOps teams.


How to Save 85% in Time Spent on Root Cause Analysis with Topology-Based Observability

 · Mark Arts12 min watch

Watch this video to learn how you can use topology-based observability to (1) spend 85% less time on root cause analysis and (2) detect and fix problems before they become issues


EP #4: A glimpse in the mind of StackState’s CEO: Toffer Winslow

 · Annerieke Kortier35 min listen

For the fourth episode of the StackPod, we had the pleasure to interview our CEO: Toffer Winslow. Toffer has a ton of experience in growing and scaling tech companies in various roles - from product management to sales and marketing.


Gartner IT IOCS Highlights: How Accenture Powers Automation Through Observability and StackState's 4T Data Model

 · Lisa Wells5 min read

At the recent Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference, Accenture’s Luke Higgins and Koushik Vijayaraghavan gave a 20-minute talk highlighting why they use StackState to improve customer service.


How managed service provider CTAC onboards customers at lightning speed

 · Annerieke Kortier3 min watch

In this video, our customer Dennis Loos, solution architect at CTAC, explains how they use StackState to bring their siloed monitoring systems together for a better overview and onboarding customers at lightning speed.


How Accenture Achieves 85% Reduction in Ticket Resolution Time with StackState

 · Luke Higgins20 min watch

Learn how Accenture's myWizard® platform, used by 100,000+ practitioners at more than 3,000 companies, applies StackState's advanced 4T Observability data model


EP #3: How to be an authentic leader in tech with Tutti Taygerly

 · Annerieke Kortier30 min listen

For the third episode of the StackPod we invited Tutti Taygerly. Tutti is a leadership and executive coach with more than 20 years of design experience across tech giants (such as Facebook and Disney), design agencies and startups.


StackState Data Sheet

5 min read

StackState’s observability platform is designed to provide comprehensive insight into fast-changing environments. Read all about it in this data sheet.

Data Sheet

Identifying Service Infrastructure Problems in an Eye Blink with StackState and Elastic

 · Anthony Evans45 min watch

If you had to point out the most complex problem today regarding service teams building reliability on infrastructure and systems, most likely, you would say that is how to identify problems to fix and learn with them quickly.


Dynamic Observability for Cloud Native Applications and Environments Demo

 · Lodewijk Bogaards6 min watch

Demo video showcasing StackState's Dynamic Observability for Cloud Native Applications and Environments