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How it all began... - StackState's origin story

 · Annerieke Kortier7 min read

Since 2014 - when Lodewijk and Mark were asked by a large Dutch bank to make another pretty dashboard for their monitoring data and they came up with a completely new idea - a lot has changed. Here's our story.


We’re going to KubeCon and you can too! Win free tickets and check out the content we’re most psyched to see.

 · Annerieke Kortier3 min read

Good news: next week, we’re exhibiting at CNCF’s flagship conference Kubecon (both virtually and IRL) in the City of Angels. Want to join? Win free tickets and find out which sessions we're most psyched about.


Elastic and StackState Team Up to Pull Needles Out of Haystacks

 · Lisa K. Wells3 min read

If you’re using Elastic Observability, you’ve seen the major advantage of bringing your monitoring data together into one unified view. Read on for a quick glimpse at how Elastic and StackState work together.


The Ultimate Guide To Telemetry

 · Annerieke Kortier15 min read

In this long-read, we're explaining what telemetry is, how telemetric data is collected, and how it's used for effective (cloud) observability.


Lightning Strikes Twice: Why I Joined StackState

 · Toffer Winslow3 min read

We recently announced the appointment of our new CEO, Toffer Winslow. In this blog post, Toffer explains why he joined StackState and is looking forward to "lead a company with such potential".


Investigating the Scene of an Incident: Using a Time-Traveling Topology to Create Escalation Graphs

 · Lodewijk Bogaards7 min read

An escalation graph with time-traveling topology is essential for investigating and resolving IT problem patterns. Here’s why.


Observability and the Monitoring Maturity Module

 · Allyson Barr6 min read

Different organizations approach IT observability differently. Learn what the monitoring maturity model is to find out if your company's observability infrastructure is adequate for your needs.


Why the role of the CIO is constantly changing and challenging

 · Allyson Barr3 min read

The role of the CIO is becoming more and more important. The scope of the role has changed massively though, and we are sure it will continue to do so. Let’s find out why.


What is APM?

 · Allyson Barr2 min read

Learn what application performance monitoring and management are and how they differ. Discover how StackState's relationship-based observability solution enhances the effectiveness of your APM systems.


What are MTTR and MTTD?

 · Allyson Barr5 min read

Learn what MTTD and MTTR are, as well as their differences and how they're calculated. Discover how StackState can improve MTTD and MTTR for your company.