Unified Observability for Hybrid IT

Prevent outages with context driven Performance Analysis

Control the chaos with confidence. Relate any app, to any stack, across any point in time.

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Global businesses trust StackState

StackState named a Cool Vendor by Gartner

“Infrastructure and Operations leaders who want better insight of their IT environment can leverage the topological analysis in StackState for real-time visibility, impact assessment, root cause analysis and predictive analytics.”

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Relate any app, to any stack, across any point in time

Analyze metrics, traces, and logs across all environments to instantly identify the root cause and crush MTTR.



    Can you detect incidents before your customers complain?

    Real-time Observability
    Automatically detect and alert on incidents across your dynamic environment with predictive checks and self driving anomaly detection.



    Are your teams wasting time looking for the root cause of issues?

    Automatic Root Cause Analysis
    Speed up troubleshooting with automatic discovery and dependency mapping to pin point the root cause in seconds across multiple teams.



    Can you deploy fast while maintaining business performance?

    Business Impact Analysis
    Instantly see the impact of new deployments on dynamic IT and business and act automatically when problems crush your business.



    Stuck with solutions that don’t give insights across your teams?

    Unified Insights
    Utilize current monitoring and IT investments by streaming your data into one scalable open platform with easy to install and vendor agnostic integrations.

    Recognized by world’s leading research companies

    Contextual Analytics Engine

    The only real-time Contextual Analytics Engine with Time Traveling Topology to get full stack observability

    Explore the 4T Data Model®

    Explore the past, the present and predict the future, across all data ingested.

    Discover all components and dependencies across your entire landscape.

    See everything that is to know in real-time, about any component, with one click.

    Insights into end-to-end customer journey at code level.

    “By correlating data across all infrastructure layers; from critical business and application services to underlaying IT and network components, we expect to see the root cause and related business impact up to 3x faster. StackState is considered as one of the key drivers in Vodafone’s future mission towards autonomous and predictive operations.”

    Patrick Heike – Principal Manager Big Data Platform Services at Vodafone

    One platform for on-prem, microservices and multi-cloud IT landscapes

    StackState has you covered from legacy systems to microservices. From on prem to multi-cloud. Automatically consolidate all your data in one easy to understand topology interface.

    Explore 100+ Integrations

    Who uses StackState?

    IT Operations

    Get everything you need in one view to monitor infrastructure health with zero blind spots. Predict failures and react to problems fast for efficient IT Operations. Reactive or proactive, we have you covered.


    Gain real-time observability across applications and infrastructure to improve speed, quality and business impact of software releases. Auto-detect issues and immediately know what you can do about it to accelerate MTTR and make sure your application SLAs are met.


    Have a consolidated view of your business that is simple to understand and manage. Understand the correlation between software improvements and business results. Gain insight into how to increase revenue and reduce costs.

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