Topology and Relationship-Based Observability

Your monitoring tools. Our topology. Root cause … identified … fast.

We know your time is valuable. That’s why we built StackState. Say goodbye to wasting time hunting for root cause in dynamic IT environments.

With more data than ever, seeing (observing!) the big picture is still hard

StackState virtually relates all of your data so you can answer the hard questions.

Hybrid IT

Business, Apps, Cloud, Infra


Topology, Traces, Telemetry

DevOps Tools

Orchestration, Automation, Delivery


Incidents, Events, Notifications

What changed and who should be concerned?

Two of the hardest questions you have to answer. Not any more. Topology and Relationship-Based Observability gives you new superpowers, like…

  • Unified Insights

    Unify data across complex, hybrid architectures to visualize dependencies and eliminate blind spots in real-time.

  • Noise Reduction

    Reduce noise and alert fatigue by correlating incidents, increasing accuracy, and prioritizing anomalies.

  • Business Impact Analysis

    Predict and prioritize the impact of anomalies on business applications with speed and precision.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Collect everything necessary to pinpoint the root cause in a single pane of glass.

  • IT Process Automation

    Notify the right people automatically with contextualized, actionable alerts that increase first-touch resolutions and prevent costly escalations.

Deliver reliable service and stop the blame game

Maximize your investment in monitoring tools and accelerate the ROI of your observability program.


Decreased MTTR

Decrease MTTR by 80% by identifying root cause and alerting the right teams with the right information


Fewer Outages

Reduce the number of outages by 65% through real-time unified observability and more planful planning


Faster releases

Increase application releases by 3X by giving time back to developers