Automated Root Cause Analysis

Reduce the Time to Detect and Analyze an Issue up to 80%


StackState’s Automatic Root Cause Analysis is constantly looking for the root causes and impact of potential problems, across hybrid and multi-cloud IT landscapes. Problems are reported with their impact on the chain and root cause(s) in real-time.

Time Machine

Go back in time. Track all changes in your stack, no matter whether they are infrastructural changes, configuration changes or deployments. See how changes have impacted your business over time.

Track Every Change

StackState knows about all changes to your IT stack, whether they are infrastructural or application releases, and quickly helps you trace problems back to their temporal root cause.

No More Alert Storms

StackState’s AI-powered platform automatically identify issues that are likely to related in cause and cluster them together in the tool’s UI, so administrators aren’t deluged with cascades of individual alerts when problems occur.

Event Handlers

Subscribe notifications and event handlers to the impact of problems instead of to the occurrence of a problem. E.g. connect with Slack and notify your team.

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