Observability Maturity Model

An Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) survey revealed that over 65% of enterprise organizations have more than 10 monitoring tools, often running as siloed solutions to support the unique needs of different teams. 

This disconnected approach limits the ability of SRE and IT operations teams to detect, diagnose and address performance issues in a holistic way - across the entire IT environment. That’s why many companies are adopting observability to gain the insight they need to quickly find the root cause of issues and even prevent problems from occurring in the first place. 

Based on research and input from many enterprise organizations, our Observability Maturity Model helps you evaluate your current observability maturity level, improve observability throughout your organization and deliver a more reliable and resilient IT environment. 

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The four levels of observability maturity

  • The current stage of observability maturity at your organization

  • The steps to take to advance your observability maturity and the value to your organization in doing so


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