Webinar: Cloud Observability in Minutes

Webinars60 min.

When your cloud environment is continuously changing, it's harder than ever to ensure the performance and reliability of your systems. Many service teams are using current observability tools to try to get control over these environments, but when you are constantly bombarded with symptomatic alerts and uncorrelated data, it is incredibly difficult to locate the origin of a problem and get it fixed fast. 

There is a different way to approach this.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How current observability tools are concentrating on symptoms rather than actual root causes 

  • How to get quick but very deep insight into your AWS and Kubernetes cloud environment 

  • How capturing your environment’s topology—in real-time and over time—provides the context you need to find and fix problems fast

  • Why it takes only a few minutes to set up observability for ever-changing cloud environments

Your host:

Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans

US Solutions Engineer

Jordi van Lent

Jordi van Lent

EU Account Executive

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