Business Impact Analysis

Predict and prioritize the impact of anomalies on business applications with speed and precision.

What you gain

Confidently plan for IT changes without risking business operations. Our topology dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your application dependencies. Observe anomalies entering your environment in real-time, predict the propagation path and effects, and take corrective measures before impacting customers and employees.

How you benefit

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Predict impact

Anticipate effects caused by performance anomalies on services, applications, business Service Level Objectives (SLO), and revenue.

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Align business & IT

Understand the business application and process dependencies on dynamic infrastructure. Emphasize anomalies that impact Service Level Indicators (SLI) vs. siloed telemetry signals.

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Test hypotheses

Gain insight into every aspect of your system. Answer previously elusive performance questions and “unknown unknowns” with speed and precision.