Application Performance Monitoring

Ensure Service Availability and Performance for Users and Customers

End-To-End Insight

Gain a complete and 100% accurate representation of your entire IT landscape. From on-prem to cloud, browser to datacenter and physical server to containers. Everything in one easy to understand overview, centered around your topology.

Get to the Root Cause Faster

Distributed tracing helps pinpoint where failures occur and what causes suboptimal performance at code level. Get to the root cause faster with StackState’s tracing capability.

Support for All Major Languages

StackState Tracing capability supports all major languages and has full support for distributed traces. StackState Tracing even integrates cloud tracing technologies such as Amazon X-Ray and Azure Monitor.

Built For Dynamic Environments

StackState has been designed to tame the complexity of your dynamic and elastic environments. New microservice instances are automatically detected and monitored without human intervention.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Deploy the StackState Agent with a single command. StackState immediately discovers, maps and monitors your environment in seconds. Zero configuration and zero production impact.

StackState’s APM capability is available in Q1 2020

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