Introducing: Observability for Cloud & Containers

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Are you currently dealing with complex and fast-changing Cloud & Container environments? If your answer to that question is yes, then you are probably looking for an easy solution that gives you complete control to make sense of all these fast and complex IT environments. In the dynamic world of microservices and containers, traditional monitoring solutions are no longer sufficient to provide needed visibilities to maintain healthy and happy environments. StackState, the world's leading monitoring and AIOps platform, is proud to present its new product: 'Observability for Cloud & Containers.' Read about it, sign up for our new trial, and start controlling the chaos with confidence!

Tomorrow's platform today

StackState's Observability for Cloud & Containers is the only platform today that combines powerful Artificial Intelligence with intuitive topological analysis to provide full-stack observability for AWS and k8s, to:

  • Pinpoint the root cause instantly across K8s and AWS

  • Crush your MTTR

  • Destroy siloes and wasted productivity

Today's IT chaos

Complex IT incidents arise fast. Resulting in outages, complaining customers and waisted time looking for the root cause. The fear of impacting the business without having full control of complexity will also slow down your deployment speed. Result: no more competitive advantage. Last but not least, the bigger and more complex your IT landscape gets, the more valuable insights are getting lost because data is stored in separate silos. To tackle these challenges you need a platform with state-of-the-art features. Here's a list of some of the features that are included in 'Observability for Cloud & Containers':

Kick-start your experience with Auto-dashboards and integrations

  • Autodiscover the entire AWS and k8s infrastructure stack and crush siloes

  • Use different views to see the structure and health of K8s and AWS in real-time

  • Act instantly with out-of-the-box notification connectors, e.g., Slack

Receive Real-time contextual alerts 

  • Easily create alerts on real-time metrics

  • StackState automatically clusters events that are related to incidents avoiding noise overload

  • Quickly troubleshoot any bottleneck and crush MTTR

  • Avoid business-critical-incidents with real-time anomaly detection

Get Advanced Analytical Insights 

  • StackState is based on a robust data model that forms an abstraction layer on top of your infrastructure.

  • Analyze the evolution of your stack by executing any query at any point in time.

Grow with StackState

StackState is a hyper-scalable one-stop-shop platform for on-prem, microservices, and multi-cloud IT landscapes. Add more teams and tools and enjoy StackState's easy to install and vendor-agnostic integrations. Get StackState on-prem or as SaaS.

You can start with a free trial right away or if you want some more information first be sure to check out the live webinar about 'Observability for Cloud & Containers'.

About StackState

StackState provides real-time observability across all IT components and environments, enabling customers to autonomously detect anomalies, pinpoint the root cause, and assess business implications of new DevOps programs. A recognized "Cool Vendor" by Gartner, StackState has a successful pedigree of providing innovative solutions that reduce MTTR, maximize CSAT, and deliver cost-saving automation. StackState's platform integrates with all data sources and monitoring tools to unify metrics, traces, logs, and events into a topological dashboard where AI-powered alerts enable operations teams to precisely and efficiently collaborate to resolve incidents.