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Designing a flexible non-SQl query language without reinventing the wheel

 · Lodewijk Bogaards10 min read

Why does StackState use StackState Query Language (STQL), instead of SQL? In this blog, Lodewijk shares StackState's novel approach to design STQL.


The 4 types of data to train Machine Learning models for IT Operations

 · Artem Grotov4 min read

Read about the 4 types of data to train Machine Learning and AI models for IT Operations in this blogpost.


The power of AIOps: automatic remediation with StackState and Rundeck

 · Martin van Vliet5 min read

This article describes how StackState's AIOps platform can be combined with Rundeck to set up automatic remediation for common issues.


Top 3 AIOps customer trends

 · Martin Lako4 min read

Martin Lako, Customer Success and Delivery Manager at StackState, shares how current customers are using StackState's AIOps platform.


Relating IT issues to business KPIs with AIOps

 · Kostyantyn Tatarnikov5 min read

Kostyantyn Tatarnikov, data scientist at StackState, explains how you can relate IT issues to business KPIs with AIOps.


Time Travel for AIOps: root cause analysis simplified

 · Joey Compeer6 min read

One of the most exciting updates is our improved time travel capability that helps IT operators to root cause issues instantly.


Predicting business impact with AIOps

 · Artem Grotov3 min read

SackState’s mission is to ease the complexities of running and evolving the digital enterprise by providing a high-quality, impact-free IT landscape.


Realizing the full potential of AIOps

 · Artem Grotov6 min read

In the context of AIOps: what kind of data is there and what kind of data do we need to automate the operations of complex IT systems?


StackState AIOps now integrates with Nagios

 · Martin van Vliet3 min read

StackState now integrates with Nagios, providing observability, monitoring and intelligence across your entire IT landscape.


The Black Hole Image and AIOps. What do they have in common?

 · Bas Willems4 min read

The process of generating the Black Hole image and the challenges they overcame, are very relatable to the challenges we see in IT organizations.